Event: Documentary Films Resisting Censorship

On Saturday, July 3th, at 20:30 we talk with directors, producers and audience of documentary films that were blocked from being screened, censored at festivals, and lawsuits filed against their directors. Elif Ergezen will be the moderator of the forum. You can watch the movies from the links below.

“Pride” exhibition in Bosphorus University canceled by trustee rector

Boğaziçi University Photography Club received approval from the Inter-Clubs Committee to exhibit the “pride” exhibition of Ateş Alpar’s photographs on June 11, but the exhibition was blocked by the rector Melih Bulu. The Bosphorus Resistance account and the artist of the exhibition Ateş Alpar gave information on the subject from his social media accounts

Acquittal verdict for musician Yılmaz Çelik

Musician Yılmaz Çelik, who was arrested after his concert in December 2019 and released about four months later, was acquitted in the trial in which he was charged with “being a member of a terrorist organization” and “propagandizing for a terrorist organization”

Exxen canceled a program whose guests included a trans actress

It was claimed that RTUK wanted the “Katarsis” program broadcasted on the Exxen platform to be canceled and removed, in which trans actress and model Çağla Akalın participated. In the statement made by RTUK, it was emphasized that the board did not have such an intervention authority.