Aleyna Tilki’s concert in Çorum has been canceled

Aleyna Tilki’s concert on September 24 was canceled by Osmancık Municipality on the grounds that Tilki’s statements criticizing the anti-LGBTIQ+ march in Istanbul on September 18 were “incompatible with our culture”

Aleyna Tilki’s concert on September 24 in Çorum was canceled by the municipality after she shared a social media post on 17 September in which she criticized the anti-LGBTIQ+ march in Istanbul.

Osmancık Municipality, affiliated to the Nationalist Movement Party (MHP), made a written statement; It has been announced that Tilki’s concert, which will be held in the district on Saturday, September 24, as part of the 2022 Pırlanta Pirinç Culture and Art Festival , has been canceled due to Tilki’s “statements incompatible with our culture” regarding the anti-LGBTIQ+ action. In the tweet in question, Tilki said; “What is the anti-LGBTI+ march? Do you think there is no karma for the discrimination you create in society? Protesting our emotional and sensual worlds is against nature! The mentalities are so terrible…”

Aleyna Tilki’s concert in Çorum was previously targeted by Diyanet-Sen Çorum Branch President İsmail Şanal. Şanal issued a statement saying that the concert should be cancelled.


The following statements were made by Osmancık Municipality:

“The 2022 Pırlanta Pirinç Culture and Art Festival, organized by our municipality for the promotion of Osmancık rice, is held between 16-25 September 2022 with cultural and artistic activities, sports activities, local events, fairs and national concerts.

Within the scope of the festival, two separate concerts were planned as a ‘public concert’ and a ‘youth concert’. Singer Aleyna Tilki was invited to the youth concert with the suggestion of our young people.

Our district is a city of history and culture that has hosted ancient civilizations. The people of Osmancık place great value on art and artists. However, the statements made by singer Aleyna Tilki in her interviews and on social media on 17.09.2022, which are incompatible with our culture, were met with sadness by people. The concert, which was planned to be held on Saturday, September 24, has been canceled as of today. It is announced to the public with respect.”

The statement made by Diyanet-Sen Çorum Branch President İsmail Şanal last week, targeting Tilki and LGBTIQ+s, and demanding the cancellation of the concert was as follows:

“We do not want to see people in Osmancık who do not contribute to the culture, art, social life, traditions, values ​​and beliefs of the city and trample on religious and national values. We are against the presentation of LGBT advocates, who live a life contrary to the morality of the society, as role models to people because of their artist identity. We invite the city administrators to take into account the social sensitivities and do what is necessary to cancel the program.”

Announcing that many of her works were canceled along with her concerts on her social media account in the past weeks, Aleyna Tilki said the following in her message shared on September 2nd: