‘Declaration of the Rights of Girls’ and ‘Declaration of the Rights of Boys’ books are now free!

The lawsuit filed for cancellation of the decision on the restriction of the books ‘Declaration of the Rights of Girls’ and ‘Declaration of the Rights of Boys,’ which were previously deemed as “obscene publications” by the Protection of Minors from Obscene Publications Board and for the suspension of execution has been concluded. These two books are no longer deemed as “obscene publications”

Prison sentence to photographer and poet Mehmet Özer

Photographer and poet Mehmet Özer was given a prison sentence of 1 year and 3 months for sharing on his social media accounts the photographs belonging to the exhibition named 12 September Museum of Shame and the photographs he took at various demonstrations and memorials, on the grounds of “making propaganda in favour of terrorist organisation”

The Constitutional Court deemed the sentence imposed for a Kurdish song as lawful

The Constitutional Court ruled that the 2-year prison sentence given to Kadri Pervane for listening to a Kurdish song with high volume on the public bus he was driving in Diyarbakır is lawful. The ruling stated that Pervane’s “right to freedom of speech was not violated” due to this song, which was deemed as a “terrorist organization propaganda