İlhan Çomak: When in prison, poetry, too, is confined

“I have never self-censored my poetry, neither has my poetry ever been censored; to the contrary, I actually hear that many of the officials here, who are obligated to read my poetry, quite like it.” Ayşen Güven from Speak Up Platform spoke to the poet İlhan Çomak, who has been in prison for 26 years, about the prison conditions during the pandemic, the injustice he experienced, and his poems

7 thousand 127 social media accounts under ministerial surveillance

According to a written statement by İsmail Çataklı, Spokesperson of the Ministry of Interior, 7 thousand 127 accounts posting about the coronavirus have been placed under surveillance, 1058 social media users have been identified, 496 users have been taken into custody. 10 people have been arrested in the scope of the same operation

TMA reports: process is not managed transparently!

In a report on the second month of the coronavirus pandemic in Turkey, The Turkish Medical Association (TMA) underlines that the true impact of the pandemic cannot be assessed as the entire process has not been managed transparently

Police intervention at the funeral of İbrahim Gökçek

The police attacked the farewell ceremony that was meant to be held in Gazi neighbourhood before sending the body of İbrahim Gökçek, bassist of Grup Yorum, to Kayseri. Gökçek’s parents were also stopped at the entrance of the Djemevi for a criminal record check

Grup Yorum member İbrahim Gökçek dies

Grup Yorum member İbrahim Gökçek had agreed to take a break on his protest following some positive talks after 323 days on hunger strike protesting against concert bans and repression. The band announced the death of Gökçek , who was being treated in intensive care, on their social media account

Joint statement from human rights defenders

Solidarity Network for Human Rights Defenders, which also includes Punto24 Platform for Independent Journalism, has reacted to the statements of the Directorate of Religious Affairs who had used discriminatory statements and condemned the investigations opened into Ankara and Diyarbakır bar associations. The statement requested that an investigation be initiated for all related individuals and institutions to end hate speech that regularly target LGBTI + rights advocates and organizations