Artworks in Bogazici University were destroyed again

As the protests of Bogazici students against the government-appointed trustee rector are continuing, artwork on the campus and the stairs that were previously painted in rainbow colors by the students were painted with another color last night

The decision regarding the obscene children’s books is on trial: “The Ministry objects to the expert reports”

The trial about the case of the restriction decision against four children’s books treated as obscene publications was held on 8th of March. The ministry previously objected to the ‘not obscene’ reports regarding the books prepared by the independent experts. Alican Acanerler from the Speak Up Platform spoke to the lawyer Ümit Erdem who filed the case ongoing since 2019

One more book published by Avesta Yayınları pulled off the shelves

Mersin 3rd Criminal Court of Peace ruled the pulling of the book titled ‘Şehitler Hainler ve Yurtseverler: Körfez Savaşından Günümüze Kürdistan’ (Martyrs, Traitors and Patriots: Kurdistan from the Gulf War to the Present) published by Avesta Yayınları in 2007 off the shelves. The publisher stated they have notified the pulling of the book written by Sheri Laizer off the shelves four years later