Documentary filmmaker and journalist Sibel Tekin was arrested

Documentary filmmaker and journalist Sibel Tekin was arrested on charges of ‘membership to a terrorist organization’ after she was taken into custody upon the complaint of the police officers in a police car that entered the frame while she was shooting some footage in Ankara Tuzluçayır for a documentary

Alleged censorship against Mabel Matiz

Musician Mabel Matiz announced that he received an offer weeks ago to present an award at GQ Turkey’s ‘Men of the Year Award Ceremony’, but the organization team gave up at the last minute due to the censorship of ‘Karakol’ clip in the summer

Mohsen Namjoo’s concerts canceled

As a result of the targeting campaign initiated by the formation of the “Defending Islam Movement” and the Religious Foundation’s Employees Union; Iranian musician Mohsen Namjoo’s concerts in Bursa, Konya, Van and Istanbul have been cancelled. Biletix has stopped selling tickets

Governor’s Ban to an Exhibition in Mardin

The Mardin Governorate bannedan exhibition to be held in the city one day before the opening, due to the content of the exhibition and the exhibition venue being the Armanian Surp Kevork Church.

Şanlıurfa Governorate bans the concert of Ilkay Akkaya

Şanlıurfa Governor’s Office canceled the concert of musician İlkay Akkaya, which was planned to be held in Şanlıurfa on September 25, because it was “not deemed appropriate in terms of general security, public order, security and public order”.

Aleyna Tilki’s concert in Çorum has been canceled

Aleyna Tilki’s concert on September 24 was canceled by Osmancık Municipality on the grounds that Tilki’s statements criticizing the anti-LGBTIQ+ march in Istanbul on September 18 were “incompatible with our culture”

Governorship bans on Ilkay Akkaya concerts in Adana and Mardin

Ceyhan District Governor’s Office banned the concert of musician Ilkay Akkaya, who was supposed to give a concert within the scope of August 30 Victory Day. Akkaya announced on his Twitter post on August 31 that the Governorship of Mardin also banned her concert to be held on September 24