Resistance continues in Akbelen despite violence, bans and censorship

While the struggle to protect the Akbelen Forest in İkizköy continues, law enforcement continues to intervene using violence, disproportionate force and pepper gas against the people who oppose the destruction of the forest. Those who want to film the events in the area are also subjected to censorship and violence

“Starting from the Middle” exhibition in Feshane was targeted

İstanbul Metropolitan Municipality’s exhibition in Artİstanbul Feshane, “Starting from the Middle” was targeted by a group of civilians claiming that the art on display was perversion and protested in front of the venue. The exhibition was closed until the crowd dispersed and was later reopened

BEKSAV’s Pride movie screening banned by district-governor

Kadıköy District Governorate banned the Science Aesthetics Culture Art Research Foundation (BEKSAV) Cinema Collective’s Pride movie screening which was planned as part of Pride Month. District Governorate banned the screening on grounds of “public morality”, “maintaining public order” and “prevention of crime”. Audience members who came to watch the movie were detained