Tatvan District-Governorate banned Kurdish play

Tatvan District-Governorate banned the Kurdish play “Haylo Dîsa Tevlihev bû” without any justification

The play “Haylo Dîsa Tevlihev bû” by ŞanoWan (a theatre company based in Van province), organized by Serhed Culture and Art Association (Serhed Kültür ve Sanat Derneği) and planned to be staged today (June 19) at Tatvan Municipality Cultural Center, was canceled by the Tatvan District-Governorate without any justification.

According to the news report by Mezopotamya Agency, Serhed Culture and Art Association reacted to the ban with the following statement they published online:

“This ban is a ban imposed on the Kurdish people. This and similar prohibitions we encounter are null and void by us. We will continue to represent our language and culture and to perform our art, no matter what the circumstances are in the face of these bans and censors.