Reber Dosky was deported after a three day detention in Turkey

Dutch-Kurdish journalist, producer and director Reber Dosky was detained in Turkey on November 8, where he came to work on his new project, and was deported after being taken to the Repatriation Center in Urfa

According to Bianet’s news with reference to Villa Media’s article, the reason for Dosky’s detention was given as “connection with terrorist activities”. Dosky spoke about torture, ill-treatment and inhumane conditions at the Repatriation Center. In the Bianet news article written by Nedim Türfent and Tuğçe Yılmaz, he described the torture he was subjected to:

“They took a Moroccan migrant one evening just because he had argued with someone, and they took him to put in the refrigerator, keeping him there until the next morning. When they came for the headcount the next morning and found one person missing, they asked us where he was. When I told them ‘In the refrigerator,’ they took him out, and they didn’t bring him back to us. The migrants in the center say that the most severe torture here is the ‘refrigerator torture.’ When I asked GGM officials about this, they replied, ‘If we don’t do this, they won’t learn.'”

“I was not physically assaulted, but I experienced the torture of being stripped naked. When they first took me to GGM, they put on gloves and asked me to undress. They were going to conduct a weapon search, even though I had already been searched at the police station. When I objected, they said they would forcibly search me. I reacted to this, and I undressed myself. They wanted me to be completely naked, so I undressed completely to shame them, and I didn’t dress for a while to make them feel ashamed.”