Actress Shailin Asadollahi released from Silivri Repatriation Center

Asadollahi was detained on 23 November and held in the Repatriation Center until the 24th. She announced her release and the details of the process on her social media account

Actress Shailin Asadollahi announced her detention through a social media post on 23rd November and was held in Silivri Repatriation Center until the next day.

According to the news in Bianet, she shared her story on social media:

“Approximately three years ago, I came to Turkey to distance myself from the challenges in Iran and alleviate the traumas of a male-dominated and anti-women society,” she said in a statement on social media. “The struggle against male dominance and violence against women is an ongoing battle that spans time and space, and it is crucial to understand the historical foundation of resistance.”

Asadollahi revealed that she had been subjected to harassment, violence, and physical assault by an individual posing as an Iranian artist and student. Seeking justice and aiming to prevent further harm, she reported the incidents to the Turkish police. However, she found himself detained on the aggressor’s complaint, with the prospect of deportation to Iran without an investigation into her innocence.

“Being forcibly sent back could pose a significant threat to me and my family. The persecution of women is of great importance, not only in exploiting the vulnerabilities of women under the laws and patriarchal structures but also in exporting despotic and male-dominated concepts and behaviors to other places.”

Asadollahi called on activists and compassionate individuals working in the fields of women’s rights, justice, and human rights to prevent her forced return to Iran. She urged support for all women and individuals facing similar challenges:

“I, Shailin Asadollahi, invite all women and people to support me and others facing these difficulties.”