BEKSAV’s Pride movie screening banned by district-governor

Kadıköy District Governorate banned the Science Aesthetics Culture Art Research Foundation (BEKSAV) Cinema Collective’s Pride movie screening which was planned as part of Pride Month. District Governorate banned the screening on grounds of “public morality”, “maintaining public order” and “prevention of crime”. Audience members who came to watch the movie were detained

BEKSAV had announced on social media that the Cinema Collective would be screening the movie Pride as part of their Pride Month events. On June 7, the Foundation posted on their social media account that while the Kadıköy District Governorate had imposed a ban on the event, they would not recognise this decision and would go ahead with the screening. 

Kadıköy District Governorate issued the ban on their website with an announcement stating that should the even take place there might be provocative incidents between the organisers/attendees and members of the public, that the event in question is contrary to morality, would provoke outrage, will cause resentment in the society, touch national, conscientious and humanitarian values and threaten social internal peace. As such the District Governorate decided to outright ban the screening on grounds of maintaining public order, prevention of crime and protecting the rights of others.

Not only was this particular event banned but the District Governorate  issued a blanket ban on all assemblies and demonstrations within its jurisdiction for the entire day.

Right before the screening time, BEKSAV announced on its social media account that their building was besieged by the police. Many audience members who came to attend the screening were detained and later on released. BEKSAV announced their release with the message: “Thank you to all our friends who showed solidarity. LGBTI+s are here, get used to it!”