Actor Levent Üzümcü was called for a statement

The actor Levent Üzümcü was called to give a statement based on the grounds that his speech on June 15 about how the state is failing to fulfill its duties towards protecting arts and artists had “incited people to hatred”

Investigation about “Veba Geceleri” (“Nights of Plague”) by Orhan Pamuk

An investigation was initiated about the latest novel of writer Orhan Pamuk, “Nights of Plague” with the allegation that it was “insulting Mustafa Kemal Atatürk and the Turkish Flag” and it was “inciting people to hatred.” When the file, which was given a nolle, returned from the Criminal Court of Peace, the prosecution re-started the investigation based on the same grounds

Posters with the term “LGBTIQA+” banned on campus

The private Security Unit of Marmara University attacked the stand of the Women’s Rights Club due to posters containing the term “LGBTIQA+.” Department of Health, Culture, and Sports threatened to shut down the club if the posters deemed as “obscene and not suitable for the family structure” are not removed

Hatay Governorship cancelled the play ‘Karahindiba’ (‘Dandelion’)

Hatay Governorship canceled the play ‘Dandelion,’ directed by Cevdet Bayram and starring Sertaç Demir to be performed at CultureCenter Theater Hall a few hours before the performance without showing any grounds in the related notice. Actor Sertaç Demir noted that the cancellation was because of the word “testicle” in the play being ‘obscene’ and ‘derogatory for social ethics’ in his post. Another notice delivered to Demir from the governorship six days after the cancelation noted that his temporary duty at the governorship was terminated