The more prey the hunter knows, the more ways the fox knows!

We listened to the experiences of Ankara Union Theater, which has been struggling with censorship and bans for fifty years during the coronavirus epidemic, when theaters had to close their doors. Representative of the Speak Up Platform, Egehan Deniz Koska, spoke with Gül Göker, one of the founders of Ankara Union Theatre

“An injustice done to Anadolu Kültür would be an injustice to the culture of our Anatolia”

A lawsuit for annulment has been openned for Anadolu Kültür, of which human rights activist Osman Kavala is the founder and chairman of the board of directors, who has been held in prison despite the ECHR’s release decision. We talked to names that produced or got inspired in Anadolu Kültür, pointing out that for the first time in the history of the Republic, a lawsuit has been filed against a company on the grounds that “it carries out its activities similar to associations and foundations without profit”

The musicians are speaking (III): “If they don’t want to help, let us work, let us do our concerts”

In this part of our article series, the opinion that it is possible to return to live performance concerts comes to the fore. Both Tonmaister Hünkar Çalışkan and musician Ufuk Şafak say that concerts can be held under healthier conditions than the conditions of political party congresses, and they want the necessary conditions to be met. One of the two names who have been rendered incapable of performing their profession for a long time is trying to make a living by working as a marketer and as a motorcycle courier