Rights violations continue in Edirne F Type Prison

Prisoner Baysal Demirhan, in the letter he sent to Özgür Gelecek newspaper, conveyed the arbitrary practices of the prison administration and the rights violations in prison, including censorship

According to the news in Özgür Gelecek in his letter, Demirhan conveyed the developments regarding a series of rights violations.

  • During the raid on the cells of Baysal Demirhan and Cihan Deniz Tarak in 2019, materials such as books, magazines, newspapers and notes were seized from their rooms. As a result of the objections, only some of the materials could be taken back. “Regarding the objection, the Court stated that the publications for which a ban decision was issued could not be delivered, but did not give any answer regarding the non-delivery of the publications for which there was no ban decision.
  • “Although there was no ban decision on them, Ozan Çakıroğlu’s book (Bir Dağ Ezgisi Yetiş Yalnız) and Lorenzo Oretti’s “Writings from Northern and Eastern Syria”, both published by Nisan Publishing, were not delivered.
  • It was reported that the subscription forms of Partizan magazine and Özgür Gelecek Newspaper were not given despite the existence of subscription forms. In response to the objections, the Court stated that “periodical publications will not be accepted as a gift”.