Police intervention at the funeral of İbrahim Gökçek

The police attacked the farewell ceremony that was meant to be held in Gazi neighbourhood before sending the body of İbrahim Gökçek, bassist of Grup Yorum, to Kayseri. Gökçek’s parents were also stopped at the entrance of the Djemevi for a criminal record check

Grup Yorum member İbrahim Gökçek dies

Grup Yorum member İbrahim Gökçek had agreed to take a break on his protest following some positive talks after 323 days on hunger strike protesting against concert bans and repression. The band announced the death of Gökçek , who was being treated in intensive care, on their social media account

Joint statement from human rights defenders

Solidarity Network for Human Rights Defenders, which also includes Punto24 Platform for Independent Journalism, has reacted to the statements of the Directorate of Religious Affairs who had used discriminatory statements and condemned the investigations opened into Ankara and Diyarbakır bar associations. The statement requested that an investigation be initiated for all related individuals and institutions to end hate speech that regularly target LGBTI + rights advocates and organizations

Journalism in times of calamity: So, what exactly did Fatih Portakal do?

Crackdown on journalists is on the rise during the corona pandemic. In Turkey, President Erdoğan filed a criminal complaint against Fox News anchor-man and journalist Fatih Portakal for spreading lies and manipulating the public through his social media posts. The story is always the same wherever you go: Fatih Portakal in Turkey, journalist Ana Lalic in Serbia, the law recently enacted in Vietnam, and the measures taken by the media supervision authority Roskomnadzor in Russia. Reporters continue to be accused with such vague language as “spreading fake news”, “sowing fear”, and “causing panic”

RTÜK President: We will not allow immorality in internet broadcasts

Participating in the homophobic campaign of Yeni Akit against ‘Aşk 101’ series, RTÜK President Ebubekir Şahin said that RTÜK, which undertakes the task of supervising internet broadcasting, will not allow broadcasts that are “contrary to the national and moral values ​​of the society” and that “may adversely affect the physical and spiritual development of children and young people”

Cinema on trial: Timeline of the Bakur trial

In Turkey, directors of the documentary movie Bakur (North) were sentenced to 4 years and 6 months in prison. This marked one of the harshest penalties imposed so far over the allegation of “disseminating terrorist group propaganda”. Speak Up Platform prepared a timeline of the Bakur trial and the developments surrounding it

Investigations for coronavirus coverage on the rise

Journalists reporting on the coronavirus pandemic that has shaken the world are coming under increasing pressure. According to the International Press Institute report, six journalists from Turkey were either investigated or questioned in March due to their coverage of the coronavirus outbreak

Musician Yılmaz Çelik released

Taken into custody and detained on 8 December on charges of “being a member of a terrorist organization” and “spreading terrorist propaganda”, musician Yılmaz Çelik was released under judicial control