Actor Levent Üzümcü was called for a statement

The actor Levent Üzümcü was called to give a statement based on the grounds that his speech on June 15 about how the state is failing to fulfill its duties towards protecting arts and artists had “incited people to hatred”

The actor Levent Üzümcü announced that he was called to give a statement with the allegation that his speech given on a street in Kadıköy and the related tweet “inciting people to hatred.”

Üzümcü had addressed the crowd that gathered at Kadıköy Khalkedon Square on 15 June 2021 and asked them to read Article 64 of the constitution. Then, he underlined the problems of artists, noted that Article 64 was not implemented, and gave a brief performance.

Article 64 of the Constitution assigns the following duties to the state: “The state protects artistic activities and artists. It takes the necessary measures for protecting, assessing, promoting works of art and artists, and to spread the love of art.”

Tweeting after this performance, Üzümcü said, “Performance arts in the ER. The AKP-MHP coalition, as usual, is not implementing Article 64 of the Constitution.  This is our call to those who brag about ruling 60% of Turkey,” in his tweet.