Yeni Akit censors a video from the Antalya Golden Orange Film Festival

While broadcasting the speech of actress Nihal Yalçın at the Golden Orange Film Festival, Yeni Akit censored the speech by blurring the body of the actress except for her face

The actress Nihal Yalçın won the “Best Actress” award with the movie Zuhal at the 58th Golden Orange Film Festival. The mimics and the attitude of Tamer Karadağlı to interrupt Yalçın’s speech at the award ceremony raised eyebrows of Yalçın and of the public.

Yeni Akit turned this into a news article on its website with the heading “Even the presenter Tamer Karadağlı could not put up with the tattling of Nihal Yalçın at the award ceremony” and in the video of the article, it applied censorship by blurring the body of Nihal Yalçın except for her face.