The accusation against the artists who sing Kurdish songs for spreading “illegal organization propaganda”

An accusation was filed against Fuat Ege and Rohat Aram, two of Koma Awaza Azad artists, on the grounds of “spreading propaganda for an illegal organization” by singing the song “Mizgina leheng” at the Newroz celebrations in Van. The first hearing of the case will be held on September 30, 4th High Criminal Court in Van

A lawsuit was filed against the Koma Awaza Azad artists, who took the stage at the Newroz celebration held in Van on March 21 and were organizing activities in Aryen Culture, Art and Research Association. An accusation was filed against artists Fuat Ege and Rohat Aram with the allegation of “spreading illegal propaganda” by singing the song Mizgîna leheng, by Hozan Serhat (Süleyman Alpdoğan). After the admission of the accusation, the case will be held on September 30, 2021 in 4th High Criminal Court of Van.


Speaking to Cemil Uğur from the Mesopotamia Agency (MA), Fuat Ege said in his police statement that they were asked the questions “Why did you sing this song?” “Do you know the meaning of this song?” and “This song is forbidden, why did you sing it?”. “A song loved by the public should not be banned. Songs in all languages ​​in Kurdish, Turkish, and Laz should be singed freely,” Mr. Ege said. Additionally, Mr. Ege, who regards the Kurdish song being the subject of the lawsuit as an intolerance to the Kurdish language, said, “They do not want the art of Kurdish to progress. Not seeing the enthusiasm in this regard and filing a lawsuit against it is a clear intolerance to the Kurdish language… They have no patience left for a song, our enthusiasm, or our Newroz.”