A Kurdish talk in Mardin was tried to be prevented by the police due to the pandemic

Avesta Publishing House announced that the Kurdish talk they organized in Mardin and to which Mirza Metin was to attend, was prevented by the police due to the pandemic

The talk organized by Avesta Publishing House in Mardin together with the Kurdish author, playwright and director Mirza Metin in Kurdish was interrupted by the police that came to the venue and prevented the talk due to the “pandemic.” Upon this event, Avesta Publishing House took the decision of suspending their events in Mardin.

The publishing house made the following announcement from its Twitter account:

“The literary talks series, which we initiated at the beginning of October in Istanbul and then continued in Diyarbakır and Mardin, was interrupted by the police due to the pandemic in its stage in Mardin to take place with Mirza Metin. We had to suspend our events in Mardin in order not to leave people we work with in a hard situation. We hope be reunited soon.”

The chief editor of Avesta Publications, Abdullah Keskin, also shared a tweet on Twitter regarding the ban:

“We cannot conduct a simple and small literary talk in a city in which copies of Kurdish Quran were used at the highest level meetings, where mawlids in Kurdish took place. They want to say ‘What is it for? We can do it too without knowing Kurdish.'”