“We Will Meet Again: 1964 Memory of Imbros” exhibition was cancelled after being targeted online

The exhibition prepared by journalist Melike Çapan, planned to be held in Gökçeada was cancelled after being targeted

Melike Çapan announced the decision with a post on her social media account. According to the news report on Bianet, Çapan shared her decision with the following explanation:

“They said that if the exhibition takes place, they will file a complaint with the prosecutor’s office. The allegations are that I am betraying the state. I have written many news articles, and made interviews about minorities in Turkey. I have never done this as an act against the state, but rather with an effort to give voice to communities regardless of their religion, language, or beliefs, so that their rights should not be neglected. I am cancelling the exhibition now to prevent any harm to the Greek community on the island or in Istanbul during this process,”.