‘Desired censorship’ children’s books file (I): The struggle of children’s books against censorship in Turkey

In 2020, 13 children’s books were declared obscene. While the allegations of obscenity and LGBTI+ propaganda come to the fore in the decisions of the Board for the Protection of Minors from Sexually Explicit Materials, we sometimes even witness campaigns launched on social media for the inspection of children’s books. As the Speak Up Platform, we asked the experts about the issue that comes up frequently.

The book ‘Heartstopper’ declared obscene publication

English author Alice Oseman’s comic book ‘Heartstopper,’ which tells the love and life of two men and was published in Turkish, was declared obscene publication based on a decision by Obscene Publications Board under the Ministry of Family and Social Services Protection of Minors

The decision regarding the obscene children’s books is on trial: “The Ministry objects to the expert reports”

The trial about the case of the restriction decision against four children’s books treated as obscene publications was held on 8th of March. The ministry previously objected to the ‘not obscene’ reports regarding the books prepared by the independent experts. Alican Acanerler from the Speak Up Platform spoke to the lawyer Ümit Erdem who filed the case ongoing since 2019

The storybook ‘Magical Rainbow’ found obscene

The Board of Protection of Minors from Obscene Publications declares the book titled ‘Storybook Series 3: I am reading too – Magical Rainbow’, which was published as a children’s book, an obscene publication. The book can only be sold to individuals above 18 years of age, in an opaque bag.