Kurdish song probe against musician Ermiş

MKM artist Weysi Ermiş was taken into custody for singing Kurdish songs at rallies in Turkey

Weysi Ermiş, a Mesopotamia Culture Centre (MKM) artist, was taken into custody early Sunday September 27 by police officers at his residence in Sultanbeyli, Istanbul.

According to Mesopotamia Agency reports, Ermiş, taken into custody within the scope of an investigation launched against him with his social media posts as justification was released after giving a statement.

Stating that he received a phone call early in the morning from police officers for a statement, Ermiş reported having been taken into custody at his residence a few hours thereafter. Ermiş has said that an investigation was launched against him for ‘propagating for a terrorist organization’ for having shared his performance of Kurdish songs during election time, Newroz rallies, and concerts on his social media account.