‘Genç Hayat’ (‘Young Life’) newspaper was not accepted into a university

Private security guards of Yıldız Technical University did not allow the youth supplement of Evrensel Newspaper, ‘Young Life’ the students had with them into the campus

According to the news article in Evrensel, the private security guards at the entrance of Yıldız Technical University said to the students that they cannot enter the school together with the Young Life supplement of Evresel newspaper, which is published bi-weekly.

A security guard at the university took the ID of a student with the claim that a piece of the newspaper was hanging from the student’s bag and insisted on not giving it back for a long time. The security guards claimed that this decision belonged to the management of the university and they were instructed in this manner, and therefore, they cannot allow the students inside with the newspapers.

The students underlined that this ban applied by the security guards, who did not allow the magazine into the university, was arbitral and unlawful. Upon the insistence of the students, the security guards had to say, “there is a wrongdoing, there is no such decision” to the students. The guards said they can only give back the Young Life supplements they collected after school.