Access ban on tender news in Turkey

Access to news on the tender awarded to Bilal Erdoğan’s friend from imam hatip high school for a total of 280 million TL is banned

İstanbul Anadolu 8th Penal Court of Peace ordered an access ban on the news reports about a tender held by Savings Deposit Insurance Fund which was awarded for 280 million TL to Aykut Emrah Polat, who is a friend of Bilal Erdoğan, son of President of Republic and Leader of Justice and Development Party Tayyip Erdoğan, from Kartal İmam Hatip High School. Among the news portals that have been blocked are Cumhuriyet, Oda TV, soL Haber Portalı, and many newspapers including BirGün.

Aykut Emrah Polat, owner of İlkyapı Construction company and a friend of Bilal Erdoğan from imam hatip high school was awarded a tender for 280 million TL for the works for “Ataşehir Modern Project A, B, C Blocks residential, commercial and recreational units” which will be constructed on the land owned by Savings Deposit Insurance Fund in İstanbul Ataşehir. Polat, who has been awarded the tender in question, also founded a company back in 2014 with Bilal Erdoğan, his uncle Mustafa Erdoğan and his brother-in-law Ziya İlgen, in which Mehmet Gür was a partner.

Reviewing the petition filed by Bilal Erdoğan, İstanbul Anadolu 8th Penal Court of Peace included the following statements in its decision: “Upon the examination of the petition and annexes thereof, and the publications of news coverage in question, it is understood that the published content and photos contain mostly vulgar swearwords and insults to the claimant which cannot be considered within the framework of freedom of thought and right to criticize, thus violating the personal rights of the claimant, and therefore the court has deemed appropriate to accept the claim”.