BEKSAV members on trial

The first hearing of the case filed after BEKSAV’s “Pride” movie screening which was banned, was held on October 31. The next hearing will take place January 30, 2024

During Pride Month, the screening of BEKSAV Cinema Collective’s movie “Pride” was banned by the Kadıköy District Governorate, the police intervened and detained audience members. In September 2023, BEKSAV announced that a lawsuit was filed against them.

According to the news in Bianet, the first hearing of the case against eight defendants charged with violating Law No. 2911 on assemblies and demonstrations was held at Kartal 45th Criminal Court of First Instance.

BEKSAV members and the audience stated that the banning of the event, the police intervention and the disproportionate force used against them was a matter of unlawfulness at hand, not their movie screening with the statement: “It is not against the law to watch a movie, nor is it against the law to celebrate Pride Week or to fight for Pride Week.”

The next hearing will take place on January 30, 2024.