7 thousand 127 social media accounts under ministerial surveillance

According to a written statement by İsmail Çataklı, Spokesperson of the Ministry of Interior, 7 thousand 127 accounts posting about the coronavirus have been placed under surveillance, 1058 social media users have been identified, 496 users have been taken into custody. 10 people have been arrested in the scope of the same operation

İsmail Çataklı, the spokesperson of the Ministry of Interior, released a written statement on the recent developments.

Çataklı shared some figures about the ongoing operations against “provocative social media posts” related to the coronavirus pandemic.

The following information was shared with the press and the public in a written statement by the ministry spokesperson Çataklı: “An operation was undertaken on the 7 thousand 127 accounts sharing provocative posts related to the coronavirus. Out of the 1058 social media users who have been identified, 496 have been apprehended, out of whom 10 have been arrested”.